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Measuring a Year: By the Minute

I began the work on my birthday, April 23, 2011, looking out the window to the giant mounds of snow still left in my backyard. I cast on 60 stitches across using white yarn, one stitch for each minute in an hour. I knit 24 rows for the 24 hours of that day. I added a fabric tag with the date on it.

With nature as my inspiration, I took weekly photos in my backyard. I was drawn to the changes that I observed there. At first it was the melting of the snow and the greening of spring with ferns unfolding and lilacs blooming. The ripening of the raspberries and the bursts of colour of sweet peas along the fence caught my eye in summer. As the year progressed, I looked beyond my backyard to include the golden trees in the river valley in fall and the ice flows in the river and a month long trip to India.

As the days passed, I found that I could not always complete 24 rows each day. It was important for me that this daily art practice be contemplative, so I knit on the piece every day for more than a year until it was completed. The finished piece is 18 inches wide and 200 feet long. It has 527,040 stitches to represent the number of minutes in the 366 days from April 23, 2011 to April 22, 2012.

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Overview - Edmonton City Hall, July 2012

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